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Hong Kong i3 Design Services Ltd.

i3 Design Consultants HongKong.Ltd

I3 Design Services Ltd. in Hong Kong, by a number of senior Chinese architectural interior designer, engineer and artist virtuous composed of both professional team.

The company is a collection of interior design, environmental design, architectural design, construction, design and other soft furnishings comprehensive integration of professional design company.

Hong Kong i3 Design Services Ltd. always adhere to the design guide construction, reflects the soul of design principles to the general manager in charge, general manager of the office management system for decision-making meetings. Under the jurisdiction of five departments: the Department of Planning, Design, Engineering Management, soft loading design, the Finance Ministry.

I3 Design Services Ltd. Hong Kong has always insisted that they are responsible to the customer is responsible for the moral and abide by the credibility and quality is the life, do not repeat others not to repeat his scholarship innovative spirit, nature and harmony, green is the constant pursuit . I3 Design Services Ltd. in Hong Kong is not simply beautify the environment and space, but to provide a more elegant way of life and improve the quality of life of the owners for the owners, because Hong Kong i3 Design Services Ltd has sufficient international outlook and an international perspective, the award-winning works the yearly accumulation the company became a pioneer in the design trend, and continue to inspire employees to maintain high morale produce a more beautiful, more solid work space.