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Core concept: wisdom, personality, and innovation.

      The so-called wisdom, does not mean that with the knowledge or knowledge, but need to "increase knowledge and wisdom daily," which requires a more spiritual level, progress and self-improvement, all knowledge, truth, knowledge must be transformed into "heart" of the state improved.
The so-called personality, not simply a maverick, but need to recognize their own sound in noisy surroundings, clear roads and impose their own determination of the action.
The so-called innovation, but also not to the simple pursuit of "new" and "odd", "special", or to "innovation" and innovation; or for innovation and "heart" and "feet" are in heaven. Our innovative, it must be the "self" one divides into two, one standing on the objective world, observe things, the use of logic judgment design language, one is the "drop" to see the world, and two for one of the last to use your own design language for in-depth communication and exchange.
We are a professional design firm, but we definitely do not just "professional" to do the design, we have higher pursuit than this.
"Only drilling in surgery, How is the design."