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Pan Cheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Yunnan

        Pan Cheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Yunnan Kunming established in its predecessor, the Hong Kong i3 design from 2006 to carry out the architectural design and construction consulting work, accumulated a lot of experience and design cases. Firm brings together a number of Chinese senior architects and related professionals consisting of senior designer architectural design team.

        Professional direction for the firm: architectural planning, architectural design and landscape design.

        Design concept Yunnan Pan Cheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.: The increasingly rapid urbanization has become an irreversible fact. We disappearing forests and countryside introduced to the city, so that people can return to natural breathing and absorb through our architectural design, coordinated planning, landscape and the environment, the impact of industry on the people will produce a minimum, in the city of skyscrapers of the city, but also people enjoy the fresh green, fragrant earth, quiet and sunshine. Through these tireless efforts to actively improve the living conditions of the modern city and lifestyle.

        Pan Cheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Yunnan involved in the project from understanding, conceptual design, plan to deepen the specific implementation, combined with customer demand, supporting units in close cooperation and coordination with various departments of professional advice, and for the integrity and progress of each project design level for effective control. In the era of mountain building is always evolving with the times, to learn advanced concepts, seek a meeting point of tradition and development, in a sincere attitude towards design, and project to clear thinking, clear design direction and integrity objectives.