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In interior design for 13 years
    January 2001 - August 2013 Decoration Co., Ltd., Yunnan CSI chief designer
    August 2013 - present i3 design firm founded in Hong Kong Ltd.
Qualification: Senior Chinese architectural interior designer
Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, went to England, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Vatican City, Dubai, Italy Lee, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other places of learning.
Approximations unit:
《2005 Kunming home》 《2006 designer》 《2007 designer》 
《2008 designer》   《2009 designer》 《2009 Ruili home》
《2010 designer》   《2010 Zhen dilute mansion - upstart classical》 
《2010 model room design classic》 《2011 designer》 《2012 designer》
《2013 designer》 
The main design projects:
Jiangdong well-off city                China Interior Design Competition cum Exhibition 22 years of Yunnan Silver Division
Tahitian model room          2009 Award for Outstanding Church annuity model room design
Anning Hot Springs Valley Open Houses     2010 Outstanding works annuity unicorn
Gold Coast Spring Open Houses       Second China Original Design Composite Index top ten home Gold
Crescent Tong district          Yunnan Province, the ninth race Bronze Home Fair Design Works
Lakeview Golf           2010 Top Ten Award Villa Church annuity works
Crescent Tong district          2011 Award for Outstanding Church annuity works residential apartments

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