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5 years in interior design
    January 2009 - August 2013 Yunnan China Strategic Decoration Co., Ltd.
    August 2013 - i3 design firm has joined the Hong Kong Ltd.
The main design projects:     
Tranquil spa valley sales department, sales department Thailand is booming, marble mansion marketing centers and clubs, tranquil woodlands sky club, tranquility Hot Springs Mountain Valley model room, Tahitian model room, marble mansion model rooms. Dianchi Acropolis, Park Road, No. 1, yunling days Jiao, Lakeview Golf, Crescent pond, Dianchi impression, Upper East Side, Expo Eco-City, Palit little villa, peaceful Yongsan villa, Hidenobu garden, Jingxiu Villa, Yasukuni Building, Moma buildings, colorful door, and so on.
Involved in the project:
Dali mansion marketing centers and clubs, Dali Silversea landscape between two model homes, wide Jihai Wyatt, Champagne Town, Yunnan Impression, Jun Park, Expo Eco-city, wood, water, Century City Spring City Jia Shu, New Asia Sports City Dianchi Acropolis.

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